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About Us

We speak fashion. We breath fashion. We make fashion.


Gela-Wesh was born on the 14 th of March, 1985 in the Kudish part of Iran. At the young age of thirteen, she already had an industrious mind that would become quintessential to her life and career. Having learnt the technical know-how of sewing hats and clothes, she advanced her skills by studying fashion design and eventually mastered the art of designing through intense self-practice coupled with unusual passion.

As a war-child, designing was her therapy and source of comfort. Anytime Gela-Wesh was faced with pertinent questions, she sought the face of fellow tailors, who were always receptive and proffered answers to her questions.

In 2013, Gela-Wesh made “fashion design” her profession. Prior to that, she had studied trade and economics and worked as a “journalist” at several local TV stations and newspapers outlets, among others. She opened her first boutique & show room in the last quarter of 2016 at Zurich and began to design unique shoes, special bags and accessories for special occasions in January 2017.

An entrepreneur with a great passion for feathers, Gela-Wesh focuses primarily on designing unique clothes made from real feathers (purely ecological). These set of designs and dresses are perfectly suitable for special occasions like red-carpet events and dinner parties. In fact, it has been worn by prominent women from Switzerland & Germany. But this is not only the kind of dress Gela-Wesh makes, her tailor-made dresses are also a beauty to behold!

Due to her unmatched excellence and unique passion for fashion, Gela-Wesh’s dream is to imbue in every woman the fact that she is exceedingly special. Because Gela-Wesh is not only her, it is a fashion-brand and most importantly, it is an iconic idea. An idea that is inextricably linked to her journey! It boldly reflects the spirit of joy one should aspire to each and every day – it is a brand for celebrating life.

There is always a reason to celebrate; you shouldn’t wait for a birthday or holiday. Sometimes it is spending quality time with friends and family, the smaller pleasures in life – these are reasons to rejoice. And the special moments in life simply deserve nice dresses, tasteful accessories, and classy pair of shoes – in addition to a smile that comes from the heart and can never be silenced!


“Let every piece you’re wearing tell their own story!”

– Gela-Wesh