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My previous collections “Freedom” and “Celebrate” already captured with fancy cuts and glamorous elegance. Now I am back with a new collection. “Animal”, which now also shows the wild side. “I make fashion for women who are self-confident and want to express themselves through their clothes.” They are not only self-confident, but those noble satin fabrics, which are adorned by real, organic feathers, also are very erotic. “The women wearing my clothes are already animalistic, attractive and erotic, so it made perfectly sense to express this animalistic side in my clothes by using feathers.”

“Animal” awakens the beast in every woman. Made from silk, lace and embellished with organic feathers, these Haute Couture dresses are at the cutting edge. At the same time I respect sustainability in my production. “I am a great animal lover, so for me it was particularly important, that no animals have to suffer for my fashion.”

Only feathers of roosters, chicken and ostrich are being used, which get imported as waste products from the Netherlands and South Africa. The organic feathers are then elaborately processed and colored in the desired shades to create a high-quality final product from simple feathers.

The special expertise of my tailors allows a very special haute couture.
“Animal” captivates with daring colors, a combination of elegance and a touch of sensuality, as well as many fine details. Delicate lace fabrics meet with satin and are adorned with fine details. However, the unmistakable eye-catcher is being created by the real animal feathers, which give each creation a distinctive look and liveliness.

At the Berlinale in February 2016, the collection got presented to the public for the first time and was very well received by the stars on the red carpet.


I was inspired by women who are strong, independent and self-confident. Women who sacrificed a lot to be free. Those women who, for their freedom and independence, do everything to rebel and fight for equity and equality. “My motto is: from strong women for strong women – so be free, strong and enjoy your independence”. For it is also about being able to wear, what you really want to wear – Be free in every aspect.

For the “Freedom” collection, I used light fabrics such as tulle and satin. Because tulle stands for lightness and freedom while satin (silk) is famous for its elegance and glamour.


“Stylish and self-confident young women who like something special and value exclusive quality fashion” – Every second I had this target group in mind, when I designed my first collection with the name ‘Celebrate’. ‘Celebrate’ also refers to my greatest inspiration: women who love to celebrate their lives. “The clothes can be worn for clubbing, for celebrations as well as in everyday life. Why wait for birthdays or vacations? In life, there are plenty of special moments with friends or family, for whom it is worth wearing a beautiful dress. “Every woman is special and unique. This was also the inspiration for my Celebrate dresses”.