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Gela-Wesh is a fashion brand & an idea. An idea that is linked to my journey. It reflects the spirit of joy one should aspire to each day.
Gela Wesh is a brand for the stylish, confident, and exuberant young woman of today.

Gela-Wesh - Fashion

Gela Wesh is a brand for today’s stylish, confident and extravagant woman. The label has been in existence since 2013 and in addition to collections produces exclusively tailor-made, single pieces and dresses. Gela Wesh Couture stands for haute couture, which are single pieces and fashion for special occasions and for the red carpet. They are custom-made and produced with high-quality fabrics.

With my collections and handmade individual pieces, I want to not only put fashionable, but also personal statements. This is, how I committed myself to the rights of women as part of my “Freedom” collection.

Gela-Wesh - Message

Gela Wesh is a fashion line and an idea. An idea that is linked to my career. It reflects the joy everyone should strive for on a daily basis. Why wait for birthdays, holidays etc? You should love to celebrate your life every day.

“My motto is: from strong women for strong women – so be free, strong and enjoy your independence”. For it is also about being able to wear, what you really want to wear – So be free in every aspect.

Gela-Wesh - Quality

We use only materials with the highest quality.

For the most part our fashion is hand-made in Milan and Barcelona. From the upholstery of the high-quality fabrics to the handmade finishing of the dresses – Gela Wesh counts on individual class. We exclusively rely on the fabrics of selected fabric manufacturers. In Milan and in Barcelona, female dressmakers with special expertise and experience are engaged, which guarantees a delicate stitching.

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Freedom Collection 2015

Kerstin Cook

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