Weaving Dreams from Iraqi Kurdistan to the Runways of New York

Dear Diary,

Each thread in the tapestry of my life has woven a narrative of transformation, resilience, and passion. As I look back on my journey from a not-so-nice childhood in the heart of Iraqi Kurdistan to becoming a fashion designer in the USA, I am reminded that every stitch holds a story, and every fabric swatch is a canvas of dreams.

The Sands of Childhood 

My journey began amidst the dusty streets of Iraqi Kurdistan, where my not-so-nice childhood was marked by the trials that seemed insurmountable. However, my mother told me even in those challenging times, a spark of creativity and the love for fashion was ignited within me. The scraps of fabric became my refuge, and I started sewing together pieces of my dreams.

A Teenager's Odyssey in Switzerland 

Switzerland, a land of opportunity and wonder, became my second home during my teenage years. It was there that I embarked on an extraordinary journey of discovery, all thanks to the "YouTube University." Lol! Guided by online tutorials, I delved into the world of fashion design, learning first almost everything from sketching to sewing, from pattern-making to garment construction.

Dreams Unfurl in Fabrics and Colors 

The world of fashion unfolded before me like a vibrant tapestry. With every tutorial I watched, every design I attempted, I felt my passion grow stronger. I experimented with fabrics, daring to bring my sketches to life. The quiet nights spent perfecting stitches were a testament to my dedication and fervor.

Crossing Oceans to Pursue Passions 

As destiny would have it, the path led me to the shores of the USA, a land where dreams are woven into reality. With a heart brimming with determination and a suitcase filled with aspirations, I embarked on a new chapter. The transition was not without its challenges, but the tapestry of my past gave me the strength to adapt, learn, and thrive.

Threads of the Present, Dreams of the Future 

Today, I stand at the crossroads of continents and cultures, a fashion designer who has woven her dreams into reality. All the feather dresses I create are more than just garments; they are testaments to my journey of self-discovery and growth. The colors of Iraqi Kurdistan, the precision of Swiss tutorials, and the vibrancy of the USA have all converged in my designs.

Dear Diary, as I pen down these words, I am grateful for the journey, for the dreams that have come true, and for the promise of what lies ahead. Every design, every creation, is a testament to the spirit that refused to be confined. And as I continue this journey, I carry the past with me, weaving it into the fabric of my future.

With gratitude and dreams,

Until next time,


Gela Wesh ,-)

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